Friday Favorite- Texas Trays

Y'all. I LOVE these so hard. So hard that I had to exert an amazing amount of self-control to only buy a few trays for our house. They are a combo of everything I love- Texas, whimsy, a deal, and all around rad.
The Wimberly- little bluebonnets. Too perfect.
The Marfa-wee cute little cacti.

How perfect are they? I can't wait until the bedding comes out. I will be buying entire sets. Oh, yes, I will. Biscuit has these two patterns in lots of different tray sizes and ice buckets, very reasonably priced as well. Even more reasonably priced with the Houston Cancer Society Shopping Card-20% off. Yee-haw. I may go back for more...Yup, definitely going back.

Biscuit's Texas Trays-my Friday Favorite

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