Birthday Shoes

Today's my birthday! Woo. Two years closer to the big 4-0. I'm OK with it because that's two years closer to a big trip we'll take to celebrate my new decade. I started the day with an armful of awesome handmade cards and books and art from my girls-pretty much the best gifts ever. I also got awesome birthday shoes. These.

They are awesome. Professional, but with a touch of fun. The story of how I got them is pretty fun(ny) too.

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend at our Property. The girls and I were inside playing games and relaxing after a long day of exploring. My husband decided to head outside and (surprise-surprise) try to do a little hunting. He headed out to the blind to wait for a turkey. Our property has TONS of turkeys. Did you know turkeys roost in trees at night? Totally crazy to see. Anyhow, I was scooting around the internet in between turns and decided to check out the Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale. A few minutes later and I saw the shoes. I feel in love. A new neutral. LOVE. I didn't want them to sell out of my size, so I used our walkie talkie.

"Hey, babe, have you bought my birthday present yet?"*
"Can I buy it?"
Come again?
"Well, there's this pair of shoes and I really like them and they are only on sale tonight and Ireallyreallyreallylike them..."
Can you get off the walkie talkies? I'm trying to hunt.
"Love you."

*NB- We had just discussed the fact that I had nothing on my birthday list because what I wanted ended up being ridiculously priced. Like ridiculously ridiculous. What can I say? I have great taste?!

Postscript- No, he didn't get a turkey. Not due to the walkie talkie discussion...I don't think.


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