Monday Musings

SEE LES MISERABLES the movie. That's it.

Just kidding, you should also download the album and listen to it on repeat like I have been doing. Better yet, run with it on your ipod and run while singing and miming the music like I may have (definitely have) been doing. Dude, if Anne and Hugh are gonna sing it, I'm gonna sing it!!

Seriously, see that movie. It is more than a movie, it is an experience. I need you to see it so I can dissect it because it was awesome (except a couple of glaring casting issues).

I've seen more movies and read more books in the past two weeks than in the past year. All thanks to my husband taking the kids for a few days of daddy time. Whoo! (No school combined with no PTO for me = daddy time) I think he's trying to make up for all the millions of weekends he left me with toddlers while he hunted. Ahem...not bitter...

I haven't worked on any big projects lately other than finishing the photo books in time for Christmas. That seemed like a major feat at the time. I also lost and then found (go me!) our honeymoon pictures. I've got mad organizational skills.

Now that I have a few half marathons under my belt, my friends seem to think I'm a "Runner." This past weekend, another friend asked me to join her run all night teams. Why do my friends keep asking me to do that? Why would I want to run 6 miles, then ride in a van for hours on end to do it again and repeat? And you sleep in the van? And eat in the van? No, thanks.

I have a theory on "runners" with a little "r" (that's me), versus "Runners" with a big "R," that's people who like to run all night and drive around in team vans. Runners be crazy and runners usually finish but are always mildly put off by Runners and how Serious they are about everything. Ha. But, yeah, a runner does not equal a Runner.

I have lots of theories, like don't trust people who name their kids all the same letters. Example 1- *&rd-shians. Ugh.

I bought myself this for Christmas, and my husband and parents did NOT get it. Wonder what they'll say when I get these? I'm thinking Orange.


  1. I don't even know where to start with this post -- there's so much good material here. But please get the foo dogs. In orange.

  2. Awesome... I do appreciate the difference between runners and A Runner.
    and yes to the orange foo :-)

  3. i saw les mis and it made me sad. everyone else is all WAHOO happy and inspired. what did you all see that i didn't?


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