Friday Favorites-the list version

I couldn't let another Friday go by without sharing some of the things that are on my awesome list right now.
Well, hello pretty, perfect boots. I love you so. No surprise that these are L.K. Bennett. I have had such GREAT luck with L.K. Bennett shoes. Easily some of the best shoes I've bought. Plus, if you get on the store list, they'll call you when they have insane deals on shoes-ahem...

The HIT of our Christmas, the doll hair salon chairs my friend Amanda bought for our girls. MANY hours have been spent playing with this set. It's from Target's version of American Girl dolls and fits the AG dolls perfectly. Next to the Justice! (emphasis theirs, that place was-well, I'll never get that hour back) and American Girl gift cards Santa brought, these were THE hit. Speaking of American Girl dolls, this story is awesome, found via the Fug Girls.
I love these new covered books from Penguin, the Penguin Drop Caps Series. 

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