Monday Musings

I'd like to know if teachers assign home projects just to mess with parents. We are on the 4th project of the school year. It is really an enjoyable way to spend each evening and part of the weekend. Oy. If you have an elementary aged kid, stock up on posterboard and glue sticks.

Not to bury the lead or anything- but I GOT A NEW JOB. I have one week left at my current job and then get to take some time off before starting a great new job. I knew I was stressed out, but didn't realize how incredibly stressed out I was until I got a new job. Holy smokes. (Hi, Jessica if you're reading. I will miss you!)

Also, I am firmly on the jeans and a blazer every day to work train. No client meetings + less than a week left = jeans. Ha.

I'm so excited about starting on a long list of "never have times"- like furniture rehab, a l-o-n-g list of projects, ironing, going through photo albums, cleaning closets, watching movies, working out whenever I want to, going for long runs during the day. I can NOT wait.

I went running this weekend and managed to not break, strain, or sprain anything. I view that as a major accomplishment. Thank you KT Tape.

This weekend, I achieved a parenting feat we all look forward to- I was the "best mommy ever" and it was M's "favorite day ever" on Saturday. By Sunday I became the "meanest mommy ever." M is prone to exaggeration.

Sunday I rediscovered the real reason we Catholics have wine at Mass. No, not the miracle of transubstantiation. It's because you might consider drinking by that point in Mass. Yes, my children were a special kind of embarassing during Mass.


  1. Ha- great post and CONGRATS on the new job! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. I am reading and you crack me up!

  3. "They" make you want to be a lush with how long the damn mass is...... I can barely be still much less my kids.

    Congrats on the new job!


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