Tuesday Thoughts

My husband had been gone for about a week. When he said, "What's next on your wish list shopping list? You should go ahead and buy it now." It means that he has a hunting trip planned for this week and feels sort of bad about it.

I got 2 bouquest of flowers Sunday. This is 2 more bouquets than I've gotten probably all year. My husband usually thinks, "If you want flowers, you should buy them." So romantic. Apparently all I had to do was watch the Longhorns lose a football game in the last 5:25. Espinosa and Fera, I'm looking at you.

We had a little bit of a weather change this week-meaning we had Fall temps for one day this week! While looking in the girls' closet, I found outfits I bought last year on super sale to wear this year. I am brilliant!

I went through a ton of the girls' older clothes this weekend and, after some misty eyed moments, am packing the clothes to send them off to lucky friends and relatives who have little girls. I can ruthlessly unload playclothes, but the church clothes and pretty dresses, for some reason those kill me. Cue "Memories" on repeat in my head. Sniff.

I had the hardest time getting motivated to go running this weekend. I have three 1/2 marathons planned over the next few months, so I HAD to go. I ended up breaking my bu-- (technical term) while running and it really hurts. Also, it is really embarassing. I knew I should have stayed home.

My 8 year old has somehow transformed into an 18 year old overnight. I do not like this-I want my babies back! Sniff.

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  1. How did you break your bu...? Good luck! Better you than me. I'm way too lazy. My 9-yr-old is going on 19 and I want to kick her ass for growing up!


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