Perfect Turquoise Paint

Or: How to Transform a Room into a Tiffany Box

A few months ago I felt the need to paint! and redecorate! You don't start redecorating different rooms before you finsih the first room? Weird. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment and easily distracted. So, I turned my attention to my girls' room. Their room had been a light lavender and lime color. In case you are wondering, SW Lime Granita. In fact, those colors had been the same ones we used in the nursery. After seven years of the same paint colors, I decided to change it. My daughter desperately wanted turquoise. I picked orange (Mistake #1).

I thought it would be a lovely sherbet color. In my mind I knew it would be perfect with white and pink accents. Notsomuch. It was very BRIGHT. I think it kind of made my kids crazier. After a few weeks of living with the orange, I decided we needed to move to a more soothing color. You can see the color AFTER I tried priming it. That's how bright it was!

This time, I let the girls pick. They picked SW Aqueduct (color matched by Lowe's). Did you know Lowe's color matches? It does-ANYONE's color. Even Benjamin Moore. Amazing. Saved me lots of $$$. I used to be super loyal to Sherwin-Williams. But, the Lowe's brand worked fabulously. Great coverage and about half the price. Also, I paid $$ for the super brand of Sherwin-Williams paint for the awful orange color and was still sort of pissed about that! The other colors below (BM Waterfall, SW Aqueduct, BM Robin's Nest, Valspar Beach Sparkle), all color matched at Lowe's. Lowe's, I love you!
The finished product- Lovely. Thanks again to my wonderfully patient friend Heidi, who came over to repaint what she just helped me finish painting 3 weeks earlier! The girls' room now reminds me of a Tiffany box. The color is perfect and I think it might have calmed my girls down a tad...maybe?! We are thisclose to finishing the room, hopefully with pictures to follow this week. If you're in the market for a new paint color, go to Lowe's. If you're in the market for the perfect shade of turquoise, go with SW Aqueduct. If you need to paint a room, become friends with Heidi!


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