27-25 Goodbye to Texas A&M

To any Aggies who may be reading this, let me just say, you might want to stop now. Count your blessings that next year the tailgating food in your conference games will be out of this world fantastic.

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Texas Longhorns fan. My blood runs orange. Football is a big part of who I am and what I like to do. Yesterday's game against A&M was a big one. Not because it determined a bowl game or national championship, but because it is the last Texas v A&M game for at least several years. Which means bragging rights for about 10 years. Never mind that Texas has the better record overall. I wanted the win, I needed the win, I COULD handle the win!

I would say parting is such sweet sorrow. But, really it's not. I am so glad that A&M is leaving the conference and SO GLAD that we won.

That's a bit short. I have lots of thoughts on A&M leaving the Big 12 conference and what it means for them in the SEC (not good things, I expect for at least another 10 years), and what it means for us (finally able to make whatever deal we want). Am I a little sad to see a century old rivalry end? Eh. Truth be told, the Texas v A&M rivalry has been much less over the past ten years. As Texas and OU have made more of a national impact on the football field, Texas A&M just hasn't meant that much to us. Don't get me wrong, it's still SO sweet to beat them. But, my sense of school pride has never been dependent on them (ahem, A&M- see also school song, cheers, moves, etc...).

You may wonder why I haven't written that much about this college football season since I love college football so much. Well, for awhile I really didn't know that much about how the Texas team would gel. We have a young team with new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. I didn't know much about McCoy or Ash, but had high hopes for them. It seemed like every week the team has a new stand-out player. All the newness made it difficult to say anything. Then, I found out about what *allegedly* happened at Penn State, and frankly, I was sick about it for weeks.

But, this win is pretty damn sweet.
So, I have many thoughts. In a nutshell-I'm so glad we won. Also, good God Tucker can you kick longer punts every once in awhile...OK, you made the winning Field Goal, you're forgiven. God, I LOVE Texas football!

Texas beating A&M for the last game in a century old rivalry- Hell yeah, that's a Friday Favorite!
Hook 'Em!

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  1. Totally agree! And this sentence is SO true: "But, my sense of school pride has never been dependent on them (ahem, A&M- see also school song, cheers, moves, etc...)." And how classy of our band too during half-time. Hook 'em.


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