Sharing is Hard

My daughter needed a candy bar for a school project. (Tangent, I don't recall ever getting to bring candy to school when I was a kid. Hmph). I ended up buying two packages of Reese's, just in case. This meant that we had an extra package of candy in the house tonight. This is a rare occurrence. Somehow the kids convinced my husband to let them have some of the candy before dinner (pushover!). As he was cutting one of the cups in half, our younger daughter M, had the following conversation with him:

"Daddy, there are two."
M, I'm getting it now.
These are two. There are two. There are two. (Said with increasing urgency and volume)
Grabbing his arm forcefully, "Daddy, didn't you hear me?! There are TWO!!"
Nice try, you're getting half.

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  1. Too cute! That is something my little man would do--I can hear it in my head now. :)


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